Office Organization and Productivity

Don't let disorganization stand in the way of your success.

Partner with one of Indiana's most experienced professional organizers to organize your office and ramp up your productivity.

Disorganization causes lost time and money.  It can even derail your motivation.  The average business person spends over 150 hours per year searching for lost information.  That's almost 4 working weeks.  Imagine what you could do with an extra 4 weeks each year...

Many people find it difficult to get organized on their own. When you partner with an expert who cares about your success, you'll finally gain traction on your goals.  Tori Guyer has helped hundreds of clients conquer their organizing goals.  They save money and get more done.

Learn how to get organized and stay organized. 

  • Love how it feels to walk into your office
  • Know how to quickly address incoming information
  • Be confident that you can find what you need when you need it
  • Make your desk your command center
  • Save time, save money, get more done

A satisfied client wrote:

"As a fellow Certified Public Accountant (CPA), I was hesitant to ask for organizing help from someone who might not understand my business.  Tori Guyer far exceeded my expectations. I gained the organization guidance I needed and came to see Tori as a mentor and friend."

- Lauren H. Wilson, CPA/MBA

  Vice President Hoefling Truck and Tractor, Inc

 Tori's strong credentials include:

  • Over 26 years' business advisory experience, including work as a CPA and Commercial Lender
  • Workplace Productivity Certificate awarded by NAPO - The National  Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals
  • Certificate of Study in Basic ADD awarded by ICD - The Institute for Challenging Disorganization
  • Certificate of Study in Time Management and Productivity awarded by ICD
  • Level II Specialist in Chronic Disorganization Certificate awarded by ICD

Are you ready to get started? The process is simple:

  1. Call Tori at: 317-677-5078 to discuss your goals and schedule your consultation.
  2. We'll meet in your office (or virtually) for a more detailed discussion of your challenges and goals.  
  3. Tori will deliver a customized plan and create a schedule for your project. Together, we'll work through the steps to create an organized workspace.  We'll set up systems to help you stay on track.  You will finally gain traction on your goals.

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